Tools on the Web

Design a Room: Armstrong Floors

This flash application enables you to preview your floor in a virtual room before you buy.  Highly reccomended.


Carpet Calculator: Stainmaster

Estimate how much carpet you'll need for any room in the house.


Carpet Selector: Stainmaster

Select your favorite color and style and see the carpet of your choice appear in the room of your choice.


My Shaw Floors: Shaw International

This flash application enables you to preview your floor in a virtual room before you buy.  


Envision Your Room: American Olean

This flash application enables you to preview your floor in a virtual room before you buy.  Highly reccomended.


Design Tools: Daltile

This site includes a host of helpful tools, including: Design a Room, Floor Tile Calculator, and Tile Patterns.  Highly reccomended.


Floor Calculators: Service Magic

Various footage/yardage calculators for different types of floors.  You must know the rooms dimensions before you can use this tool.  Remember to always add three inches to any measurement you have to insure proper calculation.


Carpet Installers Blog: Worldvillage

An excellent article on the proper techniques that an installer should follow when installing carpet.  References CRI's codes, as well as provides information for new carpet buyers.  Highly reccomended.


Floor Layout: Floor Covering Software

This Javascript application enables you to easily layout your floor and calculate you total yards or square feet.  This is a slimmed down version of the same software that many professional estimators use.  Please remember, this is only a tool and should not be substituted for a professional's measurements.

Note: After you have completed your floor layout, print this page off to keep a record of it.  You may also press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard to keep a digital copy.  To do this, center the Floor Layout application and then press "Print Screen".  This records a digital image of the screen you're currently viewing.  In order to save that image, open Microsoft Paint, click on EDIT, and then click on Paste.  Remember to save the image after you've pasted it to a place that you will remember.

Extra Note: If the above doesn't work, there's not much we can do.  We are professional floor covering installers, not javascript programmers.  We wish we could do both, but that would be impractical.
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