Floorcovering Buyer Tips

We have compiled this list of resources in order to help you in your decision making process.  Before you make your final selection, we highly reccomend that you educate yourself on the types of floorcovering that exist as well as their general installation requirements.  Remember, there is no substitude for a qualified installer.

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Carpet not only quiets a room but also offers homeowners more warmth and softness to touch than any other flooring product. Carpet is also more forgiving when installed over uneven subfloors, such as an uneven concrete slab. - Floorfacts.com

Floorfacts is an excellent resource for all types of flooring, not just carpet.  This website gives an excellent overview of all types of carpet, including types, buying guide, and carpet care.

The Carpet and Rug Institute
With its many styles, textures and types of construction, carpet is the right choice for everyone, from first-time homeowners, to retirees, to families with kids and pets. Plus, carpet will maintain its beauty and durability for many years when it is properly chosen, installed and cleaned. Carpet actually improves indoor air quality.  -The Carpet and Rug Institute
When it comes to carpet, The Carpet and Rug Institute is king.  Most of the codes that the various manufacturers have developed have come directly from this company.  To insure quality standards of installation, CRI has issued specific requirements for installers to follow.  At Standridge Floorcovering Services, we follow all codes developed by this and affiliate organizations.


With today's technology advancements manufacturers many new tile designs and tile applications are available for both homeowners and commercial facilities. If you have never used ceramic tile before or it has been a long time since you have done so, you will be amazed at the wide selection of colors, sizes, shapes and new textures that are now available. - Floorfacts.com

Floorfacts is an excellent resource for all types of flooring, not just tile.  This website gives an excellent overview of all types of tile, including types of tile, tile manufacturing process, and care for tile.

Tile Installation Methods

The following installation methods presented in diagramatic form are an overview of some of the accepted industry standards. They represent, however, only a small portion of the possible methods of ceramic tile installation. Every locale has its own requirements and practices and the details presented here are indicative of installation methods common in the western United States.  
- bedrosians.com

This site is more technical in nature, but it gives a brief glance at the codes that tile setters must adhere to when installing their product. When choosing a professional tile setter, it is absolutly imperative that one chooses a professional that knows and understands these codes.

Extra Resources:

tileusa.com - The Tile Council of North America, Inc. is an international trade association dedicated to expanding the market for ceramic tile manufactured in North America.

laticrete.com - Innovative Tile and Stone Installation Systems.


If you are like most people you probably love the look and charm of a real hardwood floor. For centuries people have used wood floors throughout their homes to add warmth and charm. Hardwood floors never seem to go out of fashion and can add real value to your home. Today, many designers recommend hardwood floors as the main base-layer and then suggest a rug to enhance the room's overall interior color scheme. - Floorfacts.com

Floorfacts is an excellent resource for all types of flooring, not just carpet.  This website gives an excellent overview of all types of carpet, including types, buying guide, and carpet care.

National Wood Flooring Association
Hardwood floors are one of the most important design elements in your home or business. No matter what your lifestyle, wood floors add value and comfort to any décor, but with all the choices available today, how do you know which kind of wood flooring will be right for you?   -The National Wood Flooring Association
Includes a lot of information on wood floors, including; buying tips, installation guidelines, care and maintainence issues, and more.  One of the best resources available for finding information about wood flooring.


Mannington Floors
The new Vinyl. Variety, performance, easy maintenance, affordable. Of all hard-surface floors, Resilient offers the greatest variety of choices- from natural stone to carved titles, from realistic wood grain, to dynamic geometrics. - Mannington Floors

Mannington is one of the top resilient flooring manufacturers that exist.  This site is packed with excellent information on all types of vinyl flooring.

Congoleum floors
Unlike old-fashion linoleum or vinyl flooring, today’s resilient sheet flooring is by far the most versatile type of flooring available.   -Congoleum Residential
Informaton from another of the top vinyl flooring manufacturers that exist.  Vinyl floors are not what they once used to be, visit this site to find out why.



Floorfacts is an excellent resource for all types of flooring.


Resource for learning about the various types and construction of laminate wood floors.

Armstrong Floors

Buying guide for many types of floor coverings. 



  •  We expect what you expect - a quality job done right the first time.  We stay current with all cods and regulations with the floor covering we install.  We treat each and every job as if it is the most important job. 


  • A job done well is only one aspect of what we aspire to.  We focus on the customer, and on taking the time to maintain a high degree of professionalism within our specialties. 


  • Our installers know their trades, so you can expect a properly laid floor every time.  In addition to educating our installers, we also strive to educate our customers as well.  We want you to be confident and secure in our installations.