Company Overview

At Standridge Floorcovering Services, we not only focus on the look of your new floor. We also focus on the quality of installation.  From start to finish, we maintain a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail.  We approach every project as if that particular job was top priority.  Our installers are trained to spot and eliminate any problems that may occur.  You can be guaranteed to receive a top-quality job every time.

A note to the consumer: Before you buy any proctuct anywhere, we strongly reccomend speaking with a qualified installer beforehand.  The reason for this is simple: Many floors are considered below grade for many types of products.  We believe that the buyer should be aware of any issues that might prohibit a quality installation of the product.  A salesman knows about the product they sell, but generally, they know very little about the mechanics behind the installation.


Typically, we cover all of Tulsa, Okmulgee, Creek, Wagoner, Muskogee, Okfuskee, and MacIntosh counties.  For jobs outside those areas, please contact us.

A floor worthy of you

So now that you've saved up for months in order to have that new floor put down, where do you go now?   How do you know that you'll get the best value for your dollar?  Who is going to take the time to really teach you what you need to know?

At Standridge Floorcovering Services, we take the time to help you make an informed decision.  There are four main areas that we constantly try to educate our customers on:

  • Appearance of the product after it's been installed
  • Cost of the product and installation
  • Longevity of the product, and how to perform proper maintainence
  • Proper Installation Techniques of the product
Some factors are purely influenced by you, such as how your vision of comfort relates to the product you buy, how much money you have to spend on the product, how much time you have to devote to maintaining the product, but other factors depend solely on the installer.

Within this website, we have gathered together some of the industries best tools to help you make an informed decision on how to choose your floorcovering.  Be sure to check under the customer tools section of the site to access these tools.  In addition to the tools we have here, our team of installers will take the time to educate you on the various types of floorcovering available, as well as how they can bring your room to life.  

The floorcovering choice you make may depend on how much money you have to invest.  At Standridge Floorcovering Services, we will take the time to walk you through the various options, as well as offer tips and suggestions on how to save money with your floors.  Many times, we may be able to locate a product for you at a much lower cost than something you've found elsewhere.  In addition to the purchace of the product, there are many cost saving techniques that our installers have perfected over the years.  Call us today to find out how we can help you save money, and still have that quality floor that you desire.

Once you have decided on the product you want, then it is important to make sure that that product is installed correctly.  In the state of Oklahoma, floorcovering installers are not required to have a license.  Even if you don't use Standridge Floorcovering Services, we highly reccomend that you take time to research the various companies out there.  You may pay a little more for a quality installation, but with such a large investment, isn't it worth it?

The best carpet or floor is worthless unless it’s been installed correctly.

Each type of floorcovering has its own set of specifications.  Most of the floorcovering manufacturers have specific guidelines on how they require the floor to be installed, if these guidelines aren't met then their warrenty is void.  In addition, an improperly installed floor may have a reduced life-span.  Proper installation and maintainence can keep a floor healthy for many years to come. 

At Standridge Floorcovering Services, we take pride in what we do.  With over 30 years experience and over 1,000,000 yards laid, we can assure you of a quality installation.



  •  We expect what you expect - a quality job done right the first time.  We stay current with all cods and regulations with the floor covering we install.  We treat each and every job as if it is the most important job. 


  • A job done well is only one aspect of what we aspire to.  We focus on the customer, and on taking the time to maintain a high degree of professionalism within our specialties. 


  • Our installers know their trades, so you can expect a properly laid floor every time.  In addition to educating our installers, we also strive to educate our customers as well.  We want you to be confident and secure in our installations.